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Artist: Final Virus

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superheroes and phat pink Elephants

Bass-Guru Peter Sonntag, studied acoustic bass player and composer was already a highlight in the jazz- and rockscene at the end of the 70ies. Keen to experiment he composed such innovative pieces like "Tree of Life" a musical piece for 9 bassplayers and painters written in 1986. Even musical specialist publications gave Peter Sonntag the title of a modern Leonardo da Vinci of the bass. 
Even more remarkable that in 1997 jazz player Peter Sonntag founded one of the most innovative rockbands in Germany together with then 23 year old miracle guitarist Reno Schnell: FINAL VIRUS! 
The two string experts made sure that the rest of the line-up was of even quality. 
Exceptional singer Uwe Proeckl astounds with his range of styles and skillfully wanders around between aggression and shyness to release everything on stage. 
Markus Plum will possibly be the first rhythm trombone player to enter the metal "hall of fame".  The sound of his trombone is so essential to the Final Virus sound that one has to wonder how the rock genre has been working without it for decades.

Additionally to Bodo Stricker who, fittingly to the FINAL VIRUS sound wall, moves the double pedal with warp speed, the just 17 year old drummer Max Sonntag has been part of the band for years. 
The powerful soulvoice of singer Julita Elmas and "Soundmachine" Hotty Melz enrich the band since summer 2005. 
Eventhough seemingly contradicting elements of Metal, Wave, Jazz, Folk and contemporary classical music styles are combined in the bands compositions, the sound is always homogeneous and original rather than glued together. 
Their debut album "Break Out Now" as well as the following releases "Mirror", "A Chemical Lovestory" and their current CD "Superheroes & Phat Pink Elephants" all received excellent ratings in various reviews. 
Awards like "cd of the month" and "band of the month" were also given to the band by various publications. 
The march 2004 edition of the music publication 'Soundcheck' includes a DVD that features the video that features the song 'Walk On' that was written during the China tour that took place in fall 2003. 
The documentation of this tour as well as never before seen live footage, cartoon adventures and additional video clips will be also released on DVD.

2006 again touring in China- and Club gigs from Nov.06 in Europa. don’t miss it.


Brutal genius...plain amazing...<< (Feedback) 
A sensational concert, an exceptionally gifted band<(ragazzi-music - live@zappanale 2005) 
Final Virus, one of the most innovative rockbands in Germany.(Westfaelische Rundschau) 
An intense symbiosis of classic rock and modern sounds. A sound combination between Metallica, Faith No More and Frank Zappa.< (Movie World) 

…this band is a synonym for the fact that there aren't any borders between Metal, Hardcore and Jazz.< (Metal Hammer) 
This band rocks on the highest level, excites and provokes with bizarre structures. It is almost impossible what this band celebrates on stage and transfers to the audience. Pure emotions paired with musical skills on the highest international level.<< ( 
Not only does Final Virus put on a show that sweeps the audience off their feet, their show could almost be called performance art. << (Visions) 
The band really knows how to hide behind the typical rock messages and clichees until the "genre police" has marched by. Then Final Virus boldy delivers. With gigantic bass lines,drums of the grooviest kind, intense guitar riffs, the band skilfully varies their use of instruments turning it into a real pleasure. This is music that demands to be experienced and offers everything that is fun and genre overlappingly intense.<< (Musik Aktiv) 

...they break through typical rock music clichees by creative use of the entire sound spectrum. With fire, passion and joy, Final Virus stage their Artcore program with such intensity that it is causing goose bumps among the audience.<< (Berliner Zeitung) 
                                               press quotations about the musicians... 
 Peter Sonntag - bass 
Bassguru Peter Sonntag (Metal Hammer) 
The most complete bassist our jazzwriter has listened to. (HiFi & Music / Schweden) 
His bass playing is a fair approximation of the Jimi Hendrix Style.
(Jazz Forum USA) 
A contemporary Leonardo da Vinci.
(Fachblatt Musikmagazin) 

Reno Schnell - guitar 
She is one of the most impressive guitarists of the new generation. (M.Graniglia) 
One should see who is playing the 6-string here! (Musik Aktiv) 
Uwe "Broesel" Proeckl - voice 
A gifted entertainer, Proeckl roams around the stage like a mad man making it impossible for the audience to take their eyes off the stage.  (Mindener Tageblatt) 
..a singer and entertainer at the same time, with seemingly endless vocal colours

 Markus Plum - tronbone, keyboard 
..powered by a weapon like trombone who blows heavy metal liquid. (AN) 
Markus Plum possibly be the first rhythm trombone player to enter the metal "hall of fame". (Soundcheck) 
The sound of his trombone is so essential to the Final Virus sound that one has to wonder how the rock genre has been working without it for decades. (Feedback) 
 Bodo Stricker - drums 
... and drummer Bodo Stricker whose playing made the walls shake. (Rheinische Post) 
...the exceptional Bodo Stricker on drums. (Schellackgeschrei) 
…a drum solo that would even make the likes of Portnoy (Dream Theater) and Terrana (Rage) listen up. ( 
 Max Sonntag - drums 
Very professional, with a lot of routine and passion, Max Sonntag played with this high caliber band as if there was nothing else in the world for him..." (Trendjournal), with just 15 years lightyears ahead of other drummers. You will definitely hear more from him in the future. (