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Artist: Tony Spinner

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The Tony Spinner Band is an expression of passion for music. Nothing less and nothing more. Three musicians who show their love for blues, rock and funk. They're not focused on fame and fortune or trying to impress. They play music because they genuinely love it. The Tony Spinner Band is about emotion, fun and a good feeling. That’s the reason the band doesn’t use a setlist on stage. The musicians just play what they feel and what the atmosphere calls for. They play everything from powerful rock songs, blistering blues tunes, funky grooves, raw boogie and free form exciting jams where Tony lets his emotions speak through his guitar. Every song, no matter what style, is about groove, dynamics and an open, pure sound. That's what makes the sound of the Tony Spinner Band.

The leader of the band is guitarplayer/singer Tony Spinner. Born in 1963 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri was he infected by rock and blues at an early age. His parents often played records by Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Tony decided to start playing guitar after hearing guys like Jimi Hendrix and Alvin Lee in the early seventies. Hendrix, Berry, Duane Allman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rory Gallagher and Robin Trower are still his heroes and important influences.

Most people know Tony Spinner from his work as guitar player and singer for other bands and musicians. Tony toured with Pat Travers, recorded and toured with Paul Gilbert of Mr.Big and for the last ten years he has been touring as backing guitar player and background singer for Toto. He's been on all of Toto's live recordings since 1999 and has toured the world over several times with the group.

In the shadow of his work as a session musician, Tony Spinner has continually worked on his solo career. He has released a total of five solo albums as well as guest appearances on many other artist's cd's and tribute recordings. The new Tony Spinner album, his sixth, is planned for release in early 2009.

His first three solo albums, ‘Saturn Blues’ (1993), ‘My 64’ (1995) and ‘Crosstown Sessions’ (1996) were released on Mike Varney's Blues Bureau International label. Due to busy touring schedules, it took some time before Tony recorded ‘Chicks & Guitars’, his fourth album, that came out in 2005. In October 2007 the cd ‘Live in Europe’ was released through Grooveyard Records.

The Tony Spinner Band has been touring throughout Europe since 2004. The current line-up of the Tony Spinner Band consists of bass player Michel Mulder and drummer Han Neijenhuis. Tony has chosen to work with this Dutch rhythm section because he considers them to be the best match for his style. There is not only a great chemistry but also a good friendship between the three musicians. As Tony says, "This is the real Tony Spinner Band!"

The live-album ‘Live in Europe’ was recorded by the current line-up. For Tony it was clear that Michel and Han would also appear on his newest studio album ‘Rollin’ & Tumblin’, that was recorded in September 2008 in Germany. The album will be released in February 2009 by Grooveyard Records. On ‘Rollin’ & Tumblin’ the sound of the Tony Spinner Band has been perfectly captured. The album was mainly recorded live. It sounds honest, pure and intense. Groove, emotion and energy are the most important elements on the new album; precisely the way the Tony Spinner Band sounds when they’re on stage.

The Tony Spinner Band:
Tony Spinner – Vocals, Guitar

Michel Mulder - Bass
Han Neijenhuis – Drums